Michala came to yoga as a tool to get to know her mind, and to study the connection between mind, body and spirit. Dedicated to internal awareness, Michala’s classes invite students to feel comfortable and safe in their bodies. She sparks play by incorporating dance, breathwork and mantra in her classes. Michala inspires to unearth healing, foster community, and navigate through feelings. Currently, Michala is completing an advanced 300 hour independent study program after getting her first certification in 2017. Michala teaches a soothing, light-hearted style flow class, engaging with subtle body energy. She also teaches Yin and is fascinated by how trauma is stored in the body. Michala works with special needs adolescents and teaches self-regulation and de-escalation techniques. To Michala, the art of yoga can serve as a platform for justice and healing for people of all abilities and backgrounds.

Three words to describe your practice:

Evolving, curious, gracious

Favorite Quote or Inspiration:

“Yoga is a dance between effort and surrender…”

How do you stay grounded?

When not on the mat, I love to paint, cook and walk barefoot in the soil. I find a deep sense of safety outside and among the trees.