Three words to describe Alexandra’s practice are:

Sweet, creative, and restorative

Alexandra is a creative movement explorer inspired by nature and dance.

What calls you to yoga?

Yoga came into my life at an early age, before I even knew it.  I’ve always been connected to expression through movement as a dancer.  In college I began taking yoga classes drawn to the aesthetic and theme – connection of body, mind and spirit.  Soon after my first few classes I knew I wanted to be an instructor!

Favorite quote, saying, or inspiration:

My favorite word to describe yoga is simply, “OM” – as we begin, move to become, and settle to let go.  Yoga to me is the practice of living fully in the moment, from sunrise to sunset.

How do you stay grounded?

I stay grounded by my joyous routine!  This entails a little daily yoga practice, a cup of joe & a hemp milk berry smoothie, enjoying the outdoors, and looking forward to spending time with my loved ones.