Palo Santo and Selenite Bundles


Smudging is known to remove negative energy which aids the body in releasing feel-good chemicals from the brain. Smudging is practiced in many cultures, but it is widely popular in the Indian and Native American cultures to promote healing and increase overall wellness.

Palo Santo wood is also known as “holy wood”. It has a sweet, sugary, and intoxicating scent which works to increase relaxation and positivity into any space or surroundings.

Selenite is great for enhancing the properties of other stones, as well as clearing and charging them. Selenite is also one of the only self-cleansing stones. It dispels negative energy + removes energy blocks, making it the perfect protection stone.

Bundle includes:

2 Palo Santo sticks (sustainably harvested) and 1 Selenite stick (~4” long) – one of the sticks will be etched (intuitively selected for you). Decorative dried flower will vary.

Clearing guide

Handmade by Yasmine

Each piece is one of a kind. Size and color may vary. Product is cleansed and infused with reiki prior to shipping. Please note: our Palo Santo comes from sustainably harvested Bursera Graveolens.