Nivata Yoga Studio is offering Yoga Suites!

A Yoga Suite can be a 1 to 1 experience with a yoga instructor or up to 5 of your closest friends and family practicing together. You can choose from a day/time, then from a style of yoga we offer, and we will match you to one of our gifted yoga teachers!

This encourages comfort and security while being able to come together in a safe space to practice yoga and meditation.
Taking reservations now!

Private 1:1 = $75.00                                                                     

Duet = $35.00 per person                                                          

Suite of 3 = $30.00 per person                                     

Suite of 4 or 5 = $25.00 per person                            

choose style of yoga: Mindful Flow, Kundalini Flow, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Be Yoga, or Vin/Yin

choose from available days and times

Public or Virtual Classes

New to Nivata Special – first 4 weeks of unlimited yoga = $75.00

Unlimited Monthly Yoga Pass = $99.00 per month with auto withdrawal

Drop in class – $23.00

10 Class Packet – $180.00 renewable

Household Membership for 2 – $180.00 with monthly auto withdrawal

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